Trash Talk – Eyes & Nines

Few songs have made me nervous for a full-length release since the inception of Myspace.  It is not uncommon for a band to put up a song that they feel represents their upcoming album as a whole, without choosing the best song.  It is sometimes difficult; many bands have released their best song ahead of schedule, making the album less powerful once you have put that track on repeat for a month or two.  Then there are the bands that put up a song that you just hope is the worst track on the album.

“Explode”, the first track released from Trash Talk‘s new full-length, Eyes & Nines, fit into the latter category when it  was released on the band’s website.  Where the band’s 2008 self-titled opus left you with powerviolence-tinged punk played faster than a nervous band’s first show (*cough*), the song picks up as a mid-paced number, with a pop-punk chorus.  It wasn’t uncommon for a fan’s reaction to be “oh no”.  Fortunately, “Explode” is the worst track on Eyes & Nines, but it isn’t exactly an inaccurate representation of the album.

That doesn’t mean the band has completely abandoned the frantic blastbeasts and chord changes that made all fourteen minutes of the self-titled enjoyable.  In fact, the band is still at their best on the old school style tracks (“Flesh & Blood”, “Envy”, “Rabbit Holes”, “On a Fix”) – but even on these tracks, the band are obviously at a different stage then they were two years ago.  These tracks – even with their short length (although not as short as what we grew accustomed to on the self-titled) – may ferociously attack for a bit, but will often go into more atypical hardcore build-ups, d-beats, and rock n roll (“Rabbit Holes” ends with a section that sounds like Queens of the Stone Age).

It is not to say that these changes make Eyes & Nines a bad record, but when you have grown to love a band because they manage to give a big middle finger to hardcore conventions (ironic, don’t you think?), it is hard not to be disappointed when they start to sound more like their peers.



  1. hearwax wrote:

    Trash Talk – Eyes & Nines
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  2. Adam wrote:

    Best hardcore record of 2010

  3. Adam wrote:

    Best hardcore record of 2010

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