Single Supplement #8 – “Calm Me Down”, Mother Mother

I love this CD.  There’s very little criticism to be had for Eureka! because it’s a delightful disc full of Mother Mother’s characteristic harmonies, clever lyrics, and brisk beats.  “Calm Me Down” is the final song on the disc and it more-than-succeeds at delivering the final blow to the listener.  Knowing that the band put “The Stand” up as their first single (and music video) sort of shows what people are to expect from their third album, but when they pick up the album and listen to it for the first time, they’re certainly in for a wonderful surprise.

Last night, I listened to this in a large, echoing hall and let the music ring from my shoddy iPhone speaker, full blast.  Mother Mother performs in September at the Sound Academy–nothing would stop me from going.

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