Single Supplement #15 – “Soldier On”, Oasis


Sometimes I just feel like I need to play Oasis; it’s a band (like The Stills) that I really do miss now that they’re gone.  While Beady Eye languishes and High Flying Birds waits for release (OCTOBER?) I still have old Oasis to look back on.  Dig Out Your Soul was their last album together before Liam and Noel Gallagher decided they couldn’t end their brotherly bickering enough for their careers.

“Soldier On” is the last song on the album as well.  Its beats draw on through the song and despite its melancholy sound, I find it convincingly optimistic.  Maybe some of you need it this week; maybe not.

Most importantly, it highlights what the band wasn’t able to do.  They broke up very shortly after the release of Dig Out Your Soul.  And here it is.

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