Single Supplement #14 – “The High Road”, Broken Bells


Last year, Broken Bells was probably one of the most important CDs on my Itunes.  I worked a rather inane desk job at a travel company; there were only a couple of other employees and no sense of semblance.  I wrote itineraries and maintained the website for many months though there was never a sale.  The week before Christmas, the last two employees (myself and one other) received a regular cheque and were told to have a good holiday; we never went back.  The place became a dating service before closing down.  I haven’t spoken to the boss(es) since.

Behind that desk I felt a bit important but I knew it was kind of like a bridge with no supports; the job was pretty useless (though I was paid relatively well for doing virtually nothing).  This eponymous album, was one of a handful that I listened to on repeat.  “The High Road” is one of the beautiful high points of the disc and I think it’s too good to simply pass up.  For those who don’t know, Broken Bells consists of Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins.  I think that this is their real deal; it should be their regular job.  Listen to the album as a whole, I urge, and enjoy the summer while you still can.  :)

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