Single Supplement #13 – “Bambi”, Tokyo Police Club


Let’s face it– the past few weeks have been kind of slow for music.  Other than the Kanye/Jay-Z release there’s really been very little to sink teeth into, at least from a mainstream standpoint.  And trust me, I’ve been digging for music.  Unfortunately, it’s all been older stuff, none of which would constitute a fresh, new review.  All that should change in the near future, though.

In the meantime, another single for our eclectic shuffle.  This time we’re looking at Tokyo Police Club, a band from Newmarket, Ontario whose first CD, Elephant Shell, turned some heads and started some buzz.  A follow-up was inevitable and we got their second disc about a year ago: Champ.  It wasn’t as strong (in my opinion) but there were some catchy, interesting songs, and that’s part of what these Single Supplements are all about.  This one, “Bambi”, is pretty neat.  Not only is it one of the more ambitious singles from the CD, but it’s also been featured on Jersey Shore…more than once…if you’re into that sort of thing.

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