Single Supplement #1 – “I’m With You”, The Stills

‘Single Supplement’ is a weekly (or twice-weekly) something-or-other I’ll be writing to feature singles I find to be relatively noteworthy from music’s past/present.  These aren’t for rating’s sake- they’re just something extra.  A single supplement also happens to be the payment tacked onto a hotel bill if you decide to pay for a room for one.  You don’t have to pay so much for this unless you’re buying the single.  Just wait for the damn album.


There’s frustration in my mind when I listen to Montreal band The Stills, one of my favourites; I saw them two years ago at a campus concert and again last summer at the Horseshoe Tavern in Downtown Toronto.  Creators of three full albums with nary a bad song on any of them, they had their ups and downs with member fall-out, some moved on, some came back, and they performed flawlessly.  For many years, they played as openers for the Kings of Leon as well.  Last month, they announced that they would be disbanding.

It kind of struck a nerve, and one you can’t be angry with.  No matter how much I listened to The Stills over the past few years, it would never seem finished.  “I’m With You” is one of the final songs on their third and final album together, Oceans Will Rise, and it’s probably one of their most well-known (along with “Being Here” and “Panic”).  After two CDs of looking for love in the wrong places, Oceans Will Rise is really nothing of the sort.  This song highlights a feeling of hopeful camaraderie.  It’s nothing but a message of “it’s okay, I’ve got your back.”  When this song was performed live at the Horseshoe, vocalist Tim Fletcher and part-bassist-part-drummer Dave Hamelin shared the stage without accompaniment; the regular version features the whole band.

Even with The Stills amicably split apart, “I’m With You” remains one of their most lasting songs– hands down.

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