New Blink-182 – “Up All Night”

If you remember, Travis Barker released an album earlier this year called Give the Drummer Some.  It was alright.  Nothing to write home about.

This is kind of like that.  Blink-182 hasn’t had a full album for eight years.  Their next one, Neighbours, comes out in two months; here is the first single.  It’s alright.  Nothing to write home about. (UCWIDT?)  Let’s just say it’s not 2000 anymore and we’re still recovering from a time when “All the Small Things” was on every college-themed movie soundtrack ever.  If you’ve been crying over your Blink posters since their split, you’ll like this; if not, you’ll find it doesn’t really pack a punch.  That’s that.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Barker’s solo album was atrocious. This song is kind of…weird. Not bad but not good.

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