Meek Is Murder – Algorithms

The fact that the title track on Meek is Murder‘s Algorithms LP plays mostly like an Axe To Fall/You Fail Me Converge number shouldn’t be surprising – Algorithms sits in an aural plane somewhere between chaotic hardcore, metalcore, and occasionally, death metal (much like primary songwriter Mike Keller‘s ex-band The Red Chord). As a result, Algorithms feels more like a product of its influences, than its own record.

Album opener “Hello, World!” works solely as an intro (although the riff used comes back in album closer “Garbage Collector”, which is a cool little touch), before beginning a fast transitioning of the chuggy and techy “Return Void” and the aforementioned title track.  At this point, it is necessary to praise the mix. Converge’s Kurt Ballou is at the helm of Algorithms, and like always, provides a great mix that is similar to the kind he gives his own band – not surprising, given the sonic similarities.

A quick note: Meek is Murder is also the name that Keller uses for his iPhone app developments, which explains the programming song titles.

After a solid opening trio, riffs in tracks like “Recursions” sometimes dull the record down to the “hey I wrote a riff similar to that once, but scrapped it” level. “(null)” is another low point, but works as a great transition into the techy “Hope Springs Eternal (Spaghetti Code)”, and once again Converge-y “Sundowners” – another album highlight. “foo” and “Dining Philosophers” help make the second half of Algorithms an improvement over the first, before six-minute closer “Garbage Collector” caps things off in a more experimental manor – something that suits the band well.

Algorithms isn’t perfect; there are some low points, which is surprising when considering the that the record is only nineteen minutes in length. The record also has its moments, as there are some strong tracks that balance groove and techy noodling. However, those tracks are more reminiscent of other bands than Meek is Murder themselves. With that, I’m going to put on some Converge.




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