Loganism: An Explanation


Author’s Note: The name “Loganism” isn’t meant to be egotistical…it is a reference to Bannonism, a religion my friends and I made up one day for massive lulz.

Finally, I am getting around to using my blog (within a blog).  Finally, I have found a topic that I can use to jumpstart some semi-regular posting on here…something I have really wanted to do since Nick Gergs suggested the idea.

So, what am I going to talk about?  Well, I wanted to explain a little bit of the philosophy behind Hearwax.


"I fuckin love hearwax"

Our philosophy isn’t complicated, complex, or anything else starting in com-.  It is simple: we post about music that matters.  That is why we don’t have millions of news posts every day, or will go a few days without so much of a peep (though we try to at least post something every day).  While we understand the idea of posting every piece of news that emerges every day, hardly anything warrants discussion. That is why, for the Hearwax faithful, we find out what is actually worth your time, and what bands actually matter.  It is a simple philosophy that is more bloglike than sitelike, and we’re okay with that.

That said, we will post reviews of shitty bands and shitty albums because, again, we are here to help you skip all the shit that you are told to listen to, told to like.  Maybe that is a bit hypocritical, I mean, we are telling you what is bad and good, but we are trustworthy.  I swear.  Plus, we are musical elitists who are pickier than most.  And we are proud of that (I am at least).

When I describe the site to people, I say that we cover music that we like.  That is something that I plan to hold onto as long as possible.  Before the conglomerate comes to buy me out (which I will do in a heartbeat, this is all for money of course).  Before Walmart starts reviewing albums and films.  Before Costco starts selling reviews in bulk.  Only then will we sell out to cover every band ever for hits.  We don’t expect to be the biggest music and film site ever because we are so selective.  Logically, it makes no sense.  We get that.

I hope that you now understand what Hearwax is about.  In the future, expect us to cover more of what we like (outside of just music and film).  We are slowly gaining speed, which is even more encouraging because again, we just talk about what we think is good.  And that leaves me with this…If you keep coming, we will keep posting.  We appreciate you, and some of you have even expressed that you appreciate what we do.  That is awesome, you are awesome, we are awesome, and Dr. Phil is awesome.

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