LIVE REVIEW: Mother Mother @ Sound Academy, 9/17/11

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Life can be hectic.  So hectic that it’s preventing me from speaking to you.  This time, it’s about a concert.

Last week, Mother Mother headlined at the Sound Academy and I was there.  Since then, it’s been hectic.

But all of that changes now.  Finally I can shed the stressors of the week and provide for hungry readers (complete with photos only an iPhone could take).  How was the concert, you might ask.  Well…

Pretty damn good.  Mother Mother is a strong indie band from Vancouver with amazing harmonies, catchy lyrics, and memorable tunes, and I wasn’t the only one in the audience singing along to every song in pure glee.  The night started off with some other opening bands however:

Whale Tooth

Whale Tooth – This interesting opener was probably one of the most energetic lead-in bands I’ve ever seen on stage.  Not only were their songs catchy enough upon first hear to sing along with, but they were all upbeat and wonderfully performed.  While the vocals were a bit iffy in terms of clarity, they made up for it with pure excitement.  I actually bought their EP off of iTunes and wholly recommend you scroll through their MySpace page.  Kudos to a gig well done!

Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing – I saw Sweet Thing back in 2008 when I started university at a free concert including Stars.  This was back before Sweet Thing had their eponymous debut album (which is pretty darn good for local boys).  It was a thrill seeing their name on the roster and like a fine wine they’ve matured well with age.  Owen Carrier has the swankiest style around and each song, shaped over years of the band’s finding their sound, has a perfect-fit groove; they sound awesome.  If you’ve never heard ’em, try Over Me (which they started their set with) or Change of Seasons.  While I’ve been listening to them for a long time now, even newcomers in the crowd seemed to dig these guys.  I’d gladly pay to see them headline.

Mother Mother

and then there was the main event: Mother Mother.  I haven’t been to a concert in about a year (that wasn’t free) and i was ready to enjoy this one.  Amazingly, it exceeded my expectations.  Starting with an acoustic rendition of their high-paced hit “Hayloft”, the quintet moved into new standards from the Eureka album and hit every major song from O My Heart (including a personal favourite, “Body of Years”, mixed with The Pixies’ “Gouge Away”).  What a treat!

While newcomer “Original Sin” and old classic “Arms Tonite” never made an appearance (I expected the latter during the encore) the entire performance was well-paced, well-performed, and overall amazing.  I can’t stress enough how satisfying a concert it was.  If you ever get the chance to see Mother Mother, I sincerely hope you take it.  These guys know how to put on a show.

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