Intronaut Post Video Update, Side Project Info

Intronaut have been busy working on their follow-up to last year’s masterpiece Prehistoricisms.  However, that hasn’t stopped most of the band from getting involved in numerous other projects as well.  The band posted the following update:

“So yeah, the new record is coming along. We are planning to be in the studio recording by April at the latest. Details on all that will be coming soon. I supposed I could give you more of a detailed update on the band, too. We have all been busy with other musical projects in the past few months as well:

Danny has been writing and recording with a grindcore band called Murder Construct, also featuring former Intronaut member Leon Del Muerte, Caleb from Bad Acid Trip, Kevin from Fetus Eaters, and Travis from Cattle Decapitation.

He also just tracked drums for the new Bad Acid Trip record. As if all that wasn’t keeping him busy enough, Uphill Battle has been rehearsing and will be getting back together for a few shows next year sometime.

Dave contributed drums to a song or two in a project with Justin Chancellor from Tool and a Polish guy named Peter. I’m a little afraid to try and describe the music, but it rules and kind of sounds like African techno with Polish lyrics.

That’s actually not at all what it sounds like. Forget I said anything. It rules though! We’ve also been talking with these two characters about collaborating on a new Intronaut song.

Joe is about to track bass for the new EP from our midwestern brothers Mouth Of The Architect. This will be the first time he’s recorded with the band after doing more tours with them than any “permanent” bass player they’ve ever had. I personally can’t wait to hear the new stuff!

I have been writing and recording songs with my friends from the band National Sunday Law. We’ll announce more details on this as things come together, but we have about 25 minutes of music so far.

I’ve also been jamming casually with my friends Dan Dismal (of LA death metal legends Crematorium) and Beau from The Copperthief on some stoner doom riffs we’ve been trying to piece together for almost ten years now. This might actually get serious enough to be recorded this year.”

Now back to the band at hand…here is a new studio video of the band hard at work on their new album:

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