Broken Social Scene Reveal New Details for Upcoming LP

Did you know Broken Social Scene hasn’t released a proper album since their self-titled endeavor in 2005? Perhaps the release of both Kevin Drew’s and Brendan Canning’s individual releases helped facilitate the band’s extended leave of absence, but Kevin Drew assures fans in a recent interview conducted with that the album’s work is well underway, and can expect a release on May 4th of this year, through Arts & Crafts.

What of course adds to the band’s allure and mystery is their revolving door policy towards the group. Who’s going to be involved this time around? What breakout alumni will be too occupied with their own band’s success and business? Whom will take a break from it to contribute? Deep breath…

Core members include:
Kevin Drew
• Brendan Canning
• Justin Peroff
• Chareles Spearin
• Andrew Whiteman
• newcomer Sam Goldberg

Contributors to the album include longtime favorites Leslie Feist, Amy Milan and Evan Cranley from Stars, Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw from Metric. Also included are Jason Collett, Do Make Say Think’s Ohad Benchetrit, John Crossingham, Marty Kinack, Julie Penner, Leon Kingstone, and Lisa Lobsinger.

The album has been recorded at Soma Studios in Chicago, and Sebastien Grainger’s (whatwhatwhat?!) studio here in Toronto. Grainger apparently has recorded contributions of his own to the record.


  1. Vuk Varicak wrote:

    This is going to be phenomenal.

  2. Gabenylund wrote:

    Artwork and a song from the album have been revealed here:

  3. Gabenylund wrote:

    Artwork and a song from the album have been revealed here:

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