BEST OF 2011: Giraffes? Giraffes! – Pink Magick

We haven’t been shy about our love for Giraffes? Giraffes! in the past; the duo’s previous releases (2005’s SUPERBASS!!!! and 2007’s More Skin With Milk-Mouth) are both ambitious pieces of instrumental math rock that, while not polished, were raw in their display of competent composition and technical skill. More Skin‘s highlight was the epically climactic “When the Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme” – awesome title, no?

If that track were to be extended into a full record, the result would be Pink Magick – which is why it is so exceptional. This is a band that has really found their sound, and have done so through experimentation. As a result, Pink Magick has a variety of sounds and genres touched upon in its nine tracks, all coming together to form a now distinct G?G! sound.

The record’s first real track, “Scorpion Bowls at the Hong Kong” is a poppy, upbeat number that does a good job of setting you up for the record; its initial catchiness becomes a bit more ambiguous once the chorus kicks in, layers of guitars and a less-than-happy chord progression make it an interesting listening experience. The first part of “Werewolf Grandma With Knives” is mostly a bunch of cool noises that somehow manage to form a cohesive and moving introduction into the surprisingly dissonant second half.

“Curse of the Tooth Nightmare”‘s click-clacking percussion, tight rhythms and heavy breakdown makes it one of the standouts of the record – actually, it would be the best track that Pink Magick offers up, if it weren’t for closer “DRGNFKR”, a number that competes for song of the year. Simply, it outdoes “When the Catholic Girls…” in every way imaginable.

Pink Magick is stellar. G?G! have really found a sound that is their own, one that incorporates elements from just about everywhere – one that is cohesive, impressive, and worthy of high praise.

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