BEST OF 2011: Capillary Action – Capsized

I think what makes this such a remarkable record and certainly one of the year’s best and brightest is the fact that its ensemble is so acrobatic; you can’t help but see the players physically (or arduously) shifting themselves between instruments or disciplines, multitasking to achieve what you so seamlessly hear… Their efforts obviously a product of the experimental spirit, I suppose my limited analysis of Capsized would go along the lines of claiming its Frank Zappa meets Time of Orchids. Guess I got away with that one, but really, they’ve got the feel of a modern New York band down pat. That is, very dangerous extreme elements coupled with virtuosic compositional chops. I gotta admit, Capsized’s first spin didn’t hit me as hard as their previous LP So Embarrassing, a debut that was ‘core to the bone and so jazzily teched out. But Capsized is a far more subversive record than I initially gave it credit for, trading metallic ferocity for cogent pessimism (frontman Johnathan Pfeffer goes all acoustic this time around). If the new Liturgy is the most joyous extreme music release of the year, then Capsized is surely the most despondent… But it was a despondent fucking year, at least for me anyway… It’s how Capillary Action maintain headiness in spite of that, tackling their contentions like game-playing gentlemen, producing insanely rewarding relistens. And you’ve still got a plethora of riffs and rhythms you’ve never heard before, like all good New York bands manage to execute.

It’s a little bit of different wrapped up in familiar guises, coming together to bang out tones that coyly and, when necessary, devastatingly tackle the wrinkles in our weird fucking society.

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