Anatomy of a Local Supergroup: An Interview with Greys, Plus a Stream of Their New Track

While you’re reading the following interview with Shehzaad Jiwani of Toronto rockers Greys, check out one of two new tracks.  This one is entitled “Rennie”.  You can check out “Simple Living” on their Myspace.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Shehzaad and I play guitar and sing in Greys.

For those who don’t know, who else comprises Greys, and what other bands have they been in?

Cam Graham plays guitar, and he’s in Canyon City. Matt Bourassa plays bass and he’s been in a ton of bands, a few of which are Rituals, Crux of Aux, Shallow Water Blackout, 10 000 Watt Head and he’s also playing with Quest For Fire at the moment. Pat Marshall is playing drums with us for this first show, and he’s currently playing in Burning Love.

I just recently finished up playing drums with Arietta.

Greys is almost like Ontario’s own local supergroup. How did Greys come about?

It started off as a one-off thing I was doing on my time off from Arietta. I had these songs kicking around, then I was speaking with Dave and Pat from Burning Love about potentially playing a show near the end of August, as both our bands would be back from tour around that time. They were into it, so I wrote a few songs, and shortly after this, Arietta called it quits. I liked the songs a lot so
I wanted to continue playing them, and since we’d already booked the show with Teenage Kicks this Friday, I figured that it might as well be the first show for the new band. I talked to the guys and they were into it, so we’ve been rehearsing and we’re all excited to play these songs.

I wanted to do something a bit heavier than what Arietta was doing and I think we accomplished that. It’s definitely good and loud in the vein of the 90s stuff all of us listen to, so I’m stoked on that.

Yeah I hear a mix of Drive Like Jehu and some early QOTSA as well. Did the songs go through many changes with the full band, or did they stay close to what you had written originally?

Those are definitely influences, yeah. They’re pretty close to what I’d written, but those guys are way better players than me, so they’ve made the songs tighter and more hard-hitting, I think. We haven’t had a lot of time to really flesh out the songs so I’m sure they’ll undergo changes before we record them properly, which I’m pretty excited about.

Do you guys have plans for an EP or full-length coming up?

Yeah. The two songs we just posted are an indication of what’s gonna be on our EP, which we’re gonna be writing throughout the fall. We want to tighten the songs up and record over the winter with our buddy Josh Korody, then have the EP out in late winter/early spring 2011. Some really neat stuff planned for that release, too.

Greys plays at Sneaky Dee’s on August 20th.

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