So, I am sitting in a surprisingly comfy metal snake that is tear-assing its way across a country I have never actually experienced. I have lived in the Greater Toronto Area for all 20 years of my existence and I can shamefully say that I have only covered 0.01% of the entire country’s landmass in my travels. Granted, this country happens to (spatially) be the second largest on Earth, but still. It is long past due that I finally visit Quebec, and that is where I am about collide with very soon.

Quebec. World capital of death metal. Of all things, I am most stoked on a morning run around the Chateau Frontenac in an old and battered Cryptopsy tee. Just feels right. Maybe after that I can pop in my copy of Martyr: Havoc In Quebec City that I brought along. Quebec.

The world is pretty huge outside my window, and I am reminded of all the towns and hamlets that seem to get by just fine without dwelling in the shadow of the CN Tower. People live out here? My mind is ‘sploding every new village ministry I pass. It may also have something to do with the fact I am bumping Cerebral Turbulency’s latest disc right now. This is seriously demented grind, so molesting that it is uncomfortably forcing me to place it in my top ten for 09. If it keeps smiling at me with that mustache, I may just have to find a place for it in the top five. Oh awesome, Lecherous Nocturne is next on the shuffle.

Speaking of top five, the reason I am so exhausted (other than getting up in the single digit AM for this train) is because I (like many) was biting my nails for a new Between The Buried And Me song. The band kicked off its In Flames tour yesterday in their hometown of Raleigh, and new songs off of The Great Misdirect were on the books. Well, we got two (which are up on the mainpage by the way, courtesy of gentleman and scholar Cody Rogers). “Obfuscation” (from the portion that was posted) is in many ways the BTBAM song I have wanted since “Mordecai”. Soaring leads that are counterpoint to an ever evolving melody echoes the emotional sincerity of Silent Circus’ past. Even the later (dreaded) cowbell prog out that tainted the sublime album teaser was given a context and gonads. Oh hey, a cow.

So this is the first real usage of my new blog, and it is new to me. Describing candidly my day to day always felt like using a rocket launcher on a deer. The blog scene (oh, there is one) has opened up the matter of opinion and the new subjective since it achieved staying power. This is a matter I am fascinated with, and can even be seen poking its influence in recent big budget films like Inglourious Basterds and Moon. My goal for the next blog is to jump right into that, and depending on how that goes, it may just become an article. When it comes to the journal-that-is-meant-to-be-read, I find a new art in writing is taking shape. The blogosphere welcomes treatise that others would find intrusive with dialogue. People seek this out, people seek these shades of grey. There is a fearlessness to the new age blogger, where in many ways the written word can be surgical and undiluted from pesky things like body language and, well, socializing. If there is someone I know who has a firm grasp on speaking his mind, it is my buddy Cameron; Countermanding The Normal People is his blog, hard to pin down as libertarian and yet subversive without being contrary. He speaks his mind, and does it with a prose that is as sharp as it is engaging. With ALECATRAZ, I hope to achieve the diction he seems to have mastered with the typed word.

More on the bourgeoning powers of internet expression (in the meantime, read my article named Amateur Hour, Day, Life), and the world of metal elitism will be dealt with in Day 3. That will be the focus, as well as some new recommendations that may not make their way to reviews on Hearwax. As usual, I would like to outline some future projects; On top of what I mentioned last time, the momentous release Axe To Fall from deities Converge will be reviewed by me. I found this a strange decision, however grateful I am; fellow Waxmen GERGS, Logun, and Bugu would in all likelihood name Converge as one of their favourite bands, if not the favourite. I have found consistent reasons to love this band, but have not earned the fanship these gentlemen have. So it terrifyingly falls on me to review what could be the most important album in heavy music since… Jane Doe.  Get your lipstick and pitchforks ready. On top of that, I will be covering Fea Jur by Lye By Mistake, and a special article on the Beatles Remasters. In the meantime I am hoping Bugu, Logan, Josh, and The Captain (Gabe) are getting some blogs.

Till next time. Note –next time you are speeding 250 km past a lake at sunrise, bump M83’s track “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun”. Thank me later.

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