Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Endless Blockade Split

Agoraphobic Nosebleed_Endless Blockade Split

Relapse Records’ singles collection just dropped a bomb on the grindcore community’s collective lap. Agoraphobic Nosebleed, still smoldering off the trail of their monstrous Agorapocalypse LP released earlier this year, team up alongside Toronto’s own The Endless Blockade (who are already destroying venues across North America) to bust out a few tracks to appease the masses in a criminally limited quantity. Pressed on a batch of 1000 (half of which is coloured vinyl), it’s redundant to hammer the point that you need to get this. See, the fellers (and lady) in ANb take their time with full lengths, but during the time most artists feebly wipe their respective arses sitting on the thought of a proper follow-up, the Virginia blasters bide their time with other projects (Pig Destroyer, Salome, and Japanese Torture Comedy Hour to name a few) while maintaining covert government employment. Oh yeah, and they also seem to release new material every week. The first volume of the Bestial Machinery collection has over 100 songs of non-album material, so with all due respect, it’s hard to keep up.

Agoraphobic’s side is short but very, very sweet. It isn’t short in comparison to Altered States of America‘s tantrums (Longest track: 56 seconds), but compared to their more recent output it’s pretty compact. “Speilberg Summer Blockbuster Snuff” oozes forth with a sludgy riff and explodes from a detuned bass roll into a hyper-speed D-beat endurance run. The drum programming is as speedy and creative as its ever been, and Kat‘s vocals continue to prove that she’s not only gnarlier than any dude, but could likely destroy any mere human with a bat of the eye. The track sludges out halfway through before returning for that last blast. “One Nation Under Z.O.G.” mixes the speed, the crust, and Kat’s throat shredding again as it introduces some outside hardcore influences that peaked during Agorapocalypse‘s excellent “First National Stem Cell and Clone.” Scott Hull is a riff machine. If these songs are any indication, the man must never sleep. The A-side’s final track is the tripped-out Jay Randall piece, “Sand Worm/ Improvised Explosive Dismemberment.” It runs like a crossbreed between his demented rants on Altered States (“Marine Pornography” and “Baby Mill pts. 1&2” come to mind) and his electrofied passages on Cave In‘s Until Your Heart Stops.

Toronto locals The Endless Blockade are perfectly suited for a collaboration with the cyber-grinding mongrels. They unleash a sonic hailstorm combining Man is the Bastard styled powerviolence with Pulling Teeth‘s thrash-infused hardcore and some quirky noise influences. “93 93/93” opens things slowly before diving into the electro-sampling, chord-charring, gut-busting mayhem the band is known for in their wild live shows. “Hangman” and “Christ Suslov” follow suit, utilizing elements of crust, D-beat, and grind riffing. “Shot, Bound and Drowned” features some of the band’s most versatile drumming to date and breaks down into a doom-tinged section that wouldn’t feel out of place on Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions. “Phantoms” ends the B-side similarly to Agoraphobic’s, featuring just over a minute of noise sampling paired with near-incomprehensible lyrics. And what Endless Blockade album is complete without their self-titled track? Standing tall at five seconds in length, it kills on nearly every release they’ve compiled.

If you like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Endless Blockade, or you just want a sampling of grind’s cream of the crop, go pick up this release. The artwork is baffling and awesome, it’s on a limited vinyl-only run (a plus if you ask this reviewer), and you get a great and lengthy selection of unreleased work from each artist. This wax isn’t going to burn any bridges, but it might just light your fire.


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