About That ‘Thing’…


So…if you don’t know anything about this yet, I gather you’re neither a fan of horror movies nor someone who trawls the internet for news (I may be both of these).  Regardless, here’s a look at the poster and trailer for the October prequel(? remake? reboot?) of John Carpenter’s classic, The Thing, which, in itself, was a remake of Christian Nyby/Howard Hawks’ The Thing from Another World.  Who will remake the remakes, eh?

Anyways, this looks like exactly what you expect it would if you’ve seen the other two.  That and Kate Beckinsale’s in Antarctica in it…not that that didn’t happen before (*cough*) and not like it didn’t bite like windchill.  When will people stop unearthing this evil crap in the Antarctic?  We don’t live there permanently for a reason!

Oh yeah…the trailer.

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    Pretty stoked on this.

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